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Blogs Aren’t Dead But They Are Getting Buried

Blogs Aren’t Dead But They Are Getting Buried

OK, so maybe if you’re buried, you might also not be alive anymore. 

But when we say blogs are buried, we mean they’re buried under a mass of crap.

Once you put your blog live (the opposite of dead), it has to break through hundreds of thousands of other blogs in order to be seen.

So yes, it’s harder to get your content out in the open. 

But blogs aren’t dead. We don’t know about you, but we’re sick of marketers saying blogging isn’t a thing anymore. That’s probably because they can’t figure out how to be seen. And the content they’re creating isn’t resonating with their audience. 

An article by Neil Patel said there are too many blogs out there, over one billion in fact. Your one newly posted article is lost in a sea of words. But that does not mean it’s not worth trying. 

Let me tell you a few positive things about blogs.

The benefits of blogging

Look, let’s be real. You can’t just write one blog article and suddenly be knee-deep in traffic. Nope. Blogging takes a lot of time, effort and, most importantly, a smart strategy. But if you put in the time and produce quality content that’s useful for your audience, then you’ll start to gain some traction.

  1. Creating a blog improves your chances of achieving a higher ranking in SERPs by 434%.
  2. Creating regular blog content means you’re posting new stuff regularly. And search engines LOVE fresh content. 
  3. Writing excellent blogs that other sides reference (giving you lovely backlinks) helps your SEO efforts and increases your ranking. Aim to create shareable blog content.
  4. It helps you to be viewed as an authority in your niche. Share helpful knowledge, and there’s an opportunity to become a leading industry voice.
  5. It’s a good, sustainable, long-term marketing tactic. Don’t cut your blog as soon as your budgets drop because it will help you in the long run. 

Annoying blogging myths and comments from marketers

We’re tired of blogs getting a bashing on LinkedIn and in the news. Anyone preaching they’re dead likely hasn’t had much success. But that doesn’t mean YOU won’t be successful. Here are some common myths about blogging that need to be banished. Let us explain why they’re a load of crap.

Blogging gets me traffic, but it doesn’t convert 

OK, give it time. Also, one of the most important things blogging does is create brand awareness. It creates trust. It shows your audience you know your stuff. 

So, you might not be able to track clear sales at first, but running a great blog is always going to make your brand look good. And there are plenty of examples of blogs helping to boost sales. The facts speak for themselves; according to Demand Metric, brands that blog regularly produce more than those that don’t. Also, if someone has spent even one minute reading a blog article, that means your blog is keeping them on your site for longer. And more time on site means more brand awareness. 

No one really reads blogs

Erm, yes, they do. Just ask site owners who are getting tons of traffic via excellent blog posts. Reading blogs isn’t dead. People aren’t so dumb that they only have an attention span of 2.5 seconds (I made that up). According to a survey featured in this article by Hubspot, 29% of respondents said they read blogs 1-4 times a month. And 18% said they read a blog every day. And get this: only 17% said they never read blogs. 

If you post content, the traffic will come

No, it probably won’t. You have to post consistently over time, writing about subjects people are interested in and searching for. You have to optimise your blogs with relevant keywords and structure them properly with appropriate titles so they might have a chance of eventually ranking. 

But you also can’t just post a blog and leave it there because it will eventually fade into the abyss. You have to update blog posts that have been gathering dust to ensure they stay relevant. Did you know only 38% of bloggers are updating old articles? 

And most importantly, you need to try to promote your blogs in some way. Tell your audience about them, and post them on social media somewhere. Having some kind of promotion strategy is key. 

Blogs are boring 

People argue blog posts are boring. They claim no one actually reads an entire article. Well, even if someone scans your article, they will take SOMETHING away from it. And blogs aren’t just a huge chunk of text like a lot of people imagine. Or at least they shouldn’t be. They should be broken up with bullet points, facts, lists, images and even video. You can make blogs a very visual experience for people. 

Blogs aren’t a great marketing tactic

Did you know, according to SEMrush, nine out of ten marketers use blogging to achieve content goals? Blogs work. But they’re not a quick fix. You need to invest time and money into them before you start to see the benefits. If you don’t have a blog, you’re missing out on the opportunity to at least join the conversation. You aren’t putting your knowledge and thoughts out into the world. And you’re missing out on the opportunity to be seen as an expert in your field. 

Your blog won’t stand out from all the billion other blogs out there

Well, let’s be honest, it’s hard. It’s getting harder to stand out. Yes, there are billions of blogs out there, but the majority of them are truly awful. AWFUL! Yep, so you just need to make sure your articles are worth reading. And slowly build up some traffic over time. Don’t have ridiculously high expectations; building a small, engaged audience is still very valuable. And if your blogs are decent, they will gain traction over time. 

Long blog posts don’t get read

Let’s rephrase that: very boring, unengaging, poorly written long blog posts don’t get read. And in the last five years, blog posts have actually been getting longer, not shorter. The average blog post is 1151 words. This is an increase of 42% in five years

So clearly, brands are finding longer content does well. Obviously, longer blog posts don’t work for all audiences and subjects; the length of your blogs will depend on the topic and who you are writing them for. But don’t immediately write off longer blog posts. If you write a valuable article, people will bother to read it. Only 14% of people write blog content over 2000 words. Perhaps this could be an opportunity for you to try out a few longer articles.

So again, let’s not jump on the ‘blogging is dead’ bandwagon. Blogging may not be the right strategy for all brands, but for the majority, it’s an extremely useful tool. 

Blogging is still here. It’s just A LOT more difficult to stand out. And producing filler content just to put something out there won’t cut it anymore. You need to creative hugely valuable content in order to be seen. You probably need an expert to help you polish your work. 

If you’d like help with your blog or content strategy or you need someone to edit your articles, get in touch with The Editing Wolves today.