The Editing Wolves are your copy editing agency

Looking for multi-talented editors? That’s us.

We’ve got a team of experienced editors who are experts in a wide array of fields. We’re ready to put our winning touch on your copy and transform the way you write.

Our core services are split into three areas.

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Content editing

If you’re a business owner or a company looking for someone to scrutinise and improve your copy, get in touch. We can help edit anything from landing pages and product pages to blog posts, emails and social copy.

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Editing help for writers

New to the writing world? If you want to improve your writing, the best way to do it is to get an experienced writer to edit your copy and make suggestions. We’ll work closely with you to improve your writing and highlight core areas to work on. Use our knowledge to take your writing to the next level.

Or if you’re an experienced writer but you just need someone to do a final proof of your copy, we’re here to help. We can ensure every piece of work you do is flawless.

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AI Content editing - AI prompt engineering

It might not be something we writers are over the moon about, but it’s something we have to live with. If you don’t learn how to use AI, your business will fall behind. Here at The Editing Wolves, we’ve come to accept we need to be friends with AI.

Artificial intelligence will never replace creative human writing; we know that. But it can help with idea generation and speed up some of the slower parts of creative writing. It’s so important that AI is used in a sensible way and that everything generated by AI is adequately fact-checked and given a personal, human touch. We can help you do that. Though we firmly believe AI should be used more to perfect existing writing rather than generate it, for now anyway.

Our resident AI expert, Dave, knows how to channel the power of AI in a responsible and forward-thinking way. He’s well versed with all the latest prompt techniques, and his background in SEO enables him to ensure AI and SEO are working together.

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