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boohoo - Product Description Copy

The Editing Wolves adapted really quickly to boohoo.com’s tone of voice and Kiri has a great talent for both fashion writing and SEO-friendly content.

Rodeo - Book Editing Project

The Editing Wolves delight in finding the narrative arc, ways to weave in great story telling while also driving the reader's interest in the direction I'd like for it to go! In short - very happy to recommend. They've been a joy to collaborate with and I've loved watching the process unfold!

Income Max - Book Editing Project

Kiri is a brilliant copywriter, content creator and editor. We absolutely love working with Kiri on our projects at IncomeMax. Kiri is reliable, ultra professional and extremely good at what she does. Kiri also has a great team behind her, so no matter what we need from a writing perspective, Kiri can make it happen. First class communication, extremely caring and always adhering to deadlines, we can’t recommend Kiri enough.

Avis - Blog Content

Their copy is always crisp, clear and compelling - making an editor’s life undeservedly easy. They'd be a fabulous contributor to any comms vehicle.


Kiri, the MD of The Editing Wolves, is an extremely capable and professional writer and content creator. She very quickly adapted her writing to suit Hotels.com's house style while still retaining her own unique personality. She consistently delivers first-class content in a timely fashion, communicates effectively and responds well to feedback.


I run a brand and digital marketing agency working for B2B software brands, Kiri and her team always bring positive and creative copy ideas whether its a campaign headline or a content marketing asset. They are very collaborative in their approach and work hard to understand the needs of their clients.

My Perfect Cosmetics Company

Trustworthy. All-in-all rockstar. Respected deadlines. Great work. Highly recommended Kiri and the whole pack. Look forward to working together soon on some new projects.

ITC Travel

Kiri has been excellent for us when it comes to writing content - she understood the brief completely, was prompt and thorough. The content she has written for us has helped to propel our pages to page 1 of Search Engines. This demonstrates her knowledge and understanding of what works in the online copywriting sphere.

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