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Willy’s Chocolate Experience Glasgow: A Cautionary Tale for AI-Generated Website Content

Willy’s Chocolate Experience Glasgow: A Cautionary Tale for AI-Generated Website Content

Are you still thinking of using AI-generated content or text for your website? We’ve seen AI used all across the internet, for content, images and even videos. Plus there’s those fake AI influencers that are quite realistic but very weird and unnerving.

You can use AI, and there are ways to use it well. But be warned; you need to approach with caution. When it’s not checked or used properly, the results can be shocking.

A recent event in Glasgow called the “Willy’s Chocolate Experience” is an excellent example of why you shouldn’t. 

Willy’s Chocolate AI errors cause a storm

Appearing to be inspired by Roald Dahl’s iconic novel “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, the Willy’s Chocolate Factory event was promoted heavily using AI-generated website copy and images. 

The website promised visitors “a place where chocolate dreams become reality” and “enchanting surprises at every turn”, including an Imagination Lab, Twilight Tunnel and captivating live performances. 

However, the “experience” was, in fact, a massive disappointment for many visitors who had paid up to £35 per ticket.

Spotting AI generated content

Working out whether artificial intelligence has been used to write something isn’t too tricky. 

The main signs of generative AI use are odd phrasing, spelling mistakes, weird-sounding grammar, factual errors and a predictable layout or format. 

And if you look at the event website for Willy’s Chocolate Experience, you can see plenty of examples. 

The writing is full of mistakes and awkward sentences, and the images don’t show what the event was really like. 

One section of the website promises “Encherining entertainment”, “Carthcy tuns”, “exarserday lollipops”, and “a paradise of sweet teats.” 

These nonsense words immediately set off alarm bells that the content is AI-generated. 

The website even promises “a heart-pounding experience you’ve never experienced before”. 

AI vs reality

Since the event, people have been posting pictures and memes showing the actual experience, which was held in a shabby warehouse with a few cheap props and actors who seemed more confused than the visitors. 

Paul Connell, the actor who played “Willy McDuff” at the experience, revealed how the event featured a previously unheard-of character, The Unknown, in the AI-generated script. 

Many parents asked for their money back, and some even called the police. 

The event organiser, House of Illuminati, decided to shut the event down before the first day ended, leaving paying customers feeling cheated and frustrated. 

They’ve promised to issue ticket refunds, but many people have been left out of pocket due to travel costs. 

So why is this story important? 

Well, if you’re still wondering whether to use AI-generated content or text for your website, Willy’s Chocolate Experience illustrates many reasons why you might want to reconsider.

While AI can be a helpful tool, you must always check and edit what it produces, ensuring it is accurate and appropriate for your audience. 

You should never rely solely on AI-generated content or images. 

We believe that creating unique content from scratch is the best strategy. 

If you do want to use AI tools, take the time to review and refine the content, and you’ll have a much better chance of success. 

At the Editing Wolves, we’re experts in creating and editing engaging copy. 

If you need your content edited and polished, contact us today to learn how we can help you.